Lil Sluggers classes for ages 2-6 develop important baseball skills such as throwing, fielding, hitting, and base running.Developmentally appropriate equipment and games are used to teach the game of baseball in a fun, exciting, and positive environment. “Sluggers Plus” is an advanced program for children ages 5-7 who have prior experience playing in a league, and is designed to further develop baseball skills and prepare young players for competition.



KickStart Soccer classes develop fundamental soccer skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting and trapping. In addition, general fitness and motor skills such as running, balancing and jumping are also emphasized. For older classes, game situations and small sided scrimmages are introduced.  "Plus" classes are designed to for players with rec league experience who wish to improve their individual skills and learn more about team tactics and positions.




HoopStart Basketball classes for ages 3-6  teaches young children basketball fundamentals like dribbling and shooting while emphasizing motor skills development, all in a FUN and non-competitive environment.  Beginner classes focus on individual skills and some team tactics, while the "Plus" classes are for players who have completed at least one session in the program or have rec league experience.



LPG MultiSport classes are a combination of the most popular activities from each of our programs and is designed to introduce beginner athletes to the fundamentals of baseball, soccer, basketball and football.  Each week’s class will focus on fundamental skills for one sport.   Our "SportStarter" classes are for the youngest players, ages 20-30 months, are designed for motor skill development and fitness with a very basic introduction to sports.  The 2-year old (28-36 months) multisport class focuses slightly more on sports skill development in baseball and soccer only, while classes for 3 to 6 year olds provide a basic introduction to several sports, including baseball, soccer, basketball and flag football.

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